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        Send a letter to your Member of Parliament or a newspaper. Submit editorials and opinion pieces to your local newspaper…

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        Employment At this time, there are no job openings. Internships Project Ploughshares Peace Researcher For all positions, we accept and…


        They will beat their blades into Ploughshares and their spears into pruning shears; no one will pick up a weapon…

        About us

        The Canadian Council of Churches' Project Ploughshares is a peace research center that collaborates with religious institutions, governments, and democratic institutions in Canada and overseas to advocate programs and laws that avoid conflict and promote peace. Project Ploughshares creates awareness and research on stability and…

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        Latest News

        Can The U.S. Military Abandon Its Zero-Tolerance Marijuana Policy?

        The general perception of marijuana is changing rapidly across the United States. With more US states joining the bandwagon of legalizing it for recreational use and as many as 34 states approving it for medical usage. With Cannabis gaining popularity in recent years, moves have been made to decriminalize it. Cannabis And The Military The need for acceptance and decriminalization of Cannabis or even to shop delta 8 Vape Cartridge is time overdue. Yet, despite its gaining ground, the military is adamant and continues to maintain a zero-...

        Fashion Piece for Peace

        Fashion is always changing. It can initiate a revolution. One fashion trend this year might no longer be considered fashionable the following year. Fashion has always been a form of self-expression. It gives way to having the freedom to showcase who you are through the clothing, style, and accessories you are wearing. You can wear custom t-shirts and still feel mighty and confident. It is you, who always has the power to decide. Self-expression is self-identity. Identity expands to a very broad umbrella of social roles, change, and movements. Thus, fashion is a very powerful medium in society....

        This is probably Time for Canada to Make a Statement about its Nuclear Disarmament Program

        The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which became part of international law on the 22nd of January, was a watershed moment for nuclear disarmament. The TPNW, which was ratified by fifty states in October after being supported by 122 state governments in 2017, started a 90-day counting down to come into effect. Apart from establishing precise legal responsibilities, the TPNW has a considerable political aspect. Although states with nuclear arms will only dismantle when and if they want to, international and domestic pressure on them to do this will increase, and they will lose control of the narrative surrounding ...

        Canada must Stand Firm Against the US Attempts to Sabotage the Iran Nuclear Accord

        President Donald Trump has long criticized the Iran nuclear deal, and his actions already have threatened a few of the treaty’s difficult security benefits. But his current step is a flagrant violation of international law that should be condemned, particularly by countries like Canada that embrace a multilateral system rules-based. Canada and other countries facing US pressure must understand why Iran rejected an agreement that would have eased crippling sanctions and offered much-needed economic relief. The order in which things happen is critical. When the US pulled out of the accord in 2018, it did so in flagrant ...